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Shop Chocolate For Fall/Winter & Save: Our Picks from the Bar & Cocoa Anniversary Sale

Bar & Cocoa’s anniversary sale has arrived and gives 12% almost everything until September 26th!

Why should the fashion sector have all of the fun with anniversary sales? After all, craft chocolate is a luxury sector, too, and like fashion, it has new collections that come out every season. 😉 Why not take advantage of this sale to stock up on some delicious chocolate to enjoy at home? Here are our picks.

Dark Chocolate Bars (Not Inclusion Bars)

  • Mirzam Tanzania Dark Chocolate 100%: “100% single origin dark chocolate made with Kokoa Kamili beans grown in Tanzania.”
  • Naive Molecules Bioactive Chocolate 75%: “In cooperation with scientists, they have developed the process of preserving the abundant quantities of endorphins, antioxidants, trace minerals and vitamins naturally present in cacao. This chocolate is dedicated to people who want to hack their own biology.”
  • Mission Chocolate Catongo 70% (Limited): “Three years in the making… Arcelia received this cacao in 2017 and wanted to wait a little time for it to mellow out. Now she is ready to share this chocolate with you. The variety of cacao used for this bar produces an orange colored dark chocolate. With that color also comes some high acidity that is characteristic of this cacao variety – Catongo, a white forastero. Waiting for the cacao to mellow those three years has definitely given it the upper hand.”
  • Belvie Black Pearl 85%: ” Along the banks of one of the Mekong river, in the lush delta of the province of Ben Tre in Vietnam, the cacao trees of Mr. Nguyen’s small plantation take advantage of the rich alluvial soil. The exceptional cacao trees allowed us to make this rare pearl of chocolate with a rich fruity and spicy flavor.”

Dark Chocolate Inclusion Bars

  • Chocolate Story Dominican Republic w/ Cranberries 70%: “The brand “Chocolate Story” belongs to Manufaktura Czekolady. They are the only bean-to-bar chocolate producer in Poland. Hand-made and small batch producer that focus on the real, natural and authentic taste of high-quality cacao beans. Tasting profile: delicate citrus fruit with light notes of prunes. Intense sour aftertaste originating from the cranberries.”
  • Zotter Lime & Passion Fruit 70% (Filled): “Dark Chocolate 70% filled with sweet potato-passion fruit- and polenta-lime ganache.”
  • Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate w/ Green Mango & Salt 65%: “What happens when you take a beloved couple and add a third-wheel? Well, in this case gastronomic magic happens. Dried green mango, a little salt, and dark chocolate create a distinctly Filipino flavor that’s sure to inspire a whole new batch of dreamers and chocolate lovers.”
  • Mirzam Halwa, Dark Chocolate w/ Crunchy Saffron and Rose Brittle 62%: “Caramel brittle with gentle rose and saffron with crunchy almond and pistachio.”
  • Raphio Clementine Olive Oil 72%:”Raphio’s Clementine Chocolate Bar combines Earth’s finest ingredients sourcing cocoa beans from Ecuador and Ricchiuti Family Farms’ award-winning estate grown ENZO Organic Clementine Crush extra virgin olive oil. Smooth, silky and decadent – with all the healthy antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate and freshly milled olive oil – makes this the perfect heart-friendly indulgence!” 
  • [3 LEFT] Qantu Maras Maple & Fleur de Sel 60%: “A Québéc-Peruvian homage to caramel fleur de sel.The sweetness of Chuncho cocoa marries wonderfully with 100% pure maple sugar and Maras fleur de sel.”
  • Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Dark Chocolate w/ Cardamom 73%: “Bean-to-bar chocolate made from our Venezuelan cocoa beans with freshly and finely ground cardamom seeds.”

Milk Chocolate

  • Kuyay Milk Chocolate 50%: “Kuyay is a family-owned and -operated chocolate company based in Bagua Grande, and produces all of their chocolate in small batches in Lima. Their tree-to-bar milk chocolate is made with 50% organic cacao and a touch of milk & sugar. We love melting it on warm toast or eating it straight out of the package!”
  • Marana Cusco Milk 50%: “This 50% milk chocolate is made with a careful selection of the finest Cusco native cocoa beans from the variety “Chuncho” and grown in the fertile valleys of Quillabamba.”
  • La Feverie India Idukki Dark Milk 60%: “These beans come from the district of Idukki in the province of Kerala in India, the world cradle of spices.These beans were carefully selected by us, then they were sorted by hand, roasted, crushed and conched in our workshop located rue Fondaudège in Bordeaux in the purest tradition of ‘Bean to Bar’.”
  • Omnom Caramel 50%: “A fudgy caramel milk bar made with Omnom’s Nicaragua milk base and bits of caramel crunch coated in milk chocolate on the back of the bar.”
  • Fjåk Milk Brown Cheese 45% (Nordic Collection): “Round creamy milk chocolate with a crunch of Norwegian goat cheese from Undredal Stølsysteri & Nordic salt from North Sea Salt Works. Our cocoa beans comes from PISA, Haiti. PISA is the only company purchasing and centrally fermenting wet cacao, and as a result are able to sell it at a higher price for its higher quality. Awards: 2019, Silver International Chocolate Awards.”
  • Fjåk Milk Nibs & Oak Smoked Salt 45%:”Fjak’s newest milk bar with smoked sea salt.”

Drinking Chocolate

  • Crow & Moss Single Origin Drinking Chocolate: “Our European style drinking chocolate, made from single origin Colombian Arauca cacao, is rich, creamy and silky smooth. The chocolate has a round, full flavor profile with ripe stone fruit sweetness and a deep, nutty finish. The beans for this drinking chocolate come from the Arauca River Basin on the border with Venezuala. The farm is owned and run by a second-generation cacao grower named Elizabeth Agudelo.”


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