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“Italian Bar” in Chevy Chase Transports DC-Goers Direct to Italy

Good morning, everyone. It’s a beautiful morning in DC, and we are thrilled to share that we had the best experience at Italian Bar in Chevy Chase, DC, this morning.

The Italian Bar only opened about a week ago, and it’s already received rave reviews from Eater DC, but also on Google, where folks are writing that they wish that they could give it 6/5 stars. Italian Bar is located right on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, and we knew that there would be parking across the street near Politics and Prose, or on Connecticut Avenue backstreets, so we headed there right for opening hour.

What a cute exterior Italian Bar has!

A few couples sat in the sunshine at tables outside, raising and lowering their coffee mugs as they drank. A fluffy dog on a leash turned its head as we approached and walked in.

Ambiance of DC’s Italian Bar

The ambiance inside of Italian Bar immediately turned up one corner of our lips; it’s a long and skinny space that receives ample morning light, is dotted with crystal chandeliers, a high ceiling, pretty bar space, and a shiny Lavazza espresso machine. As you walk in, the right side has the espresso and cocktail bar, and the left features Italian products, like cookies that are clearly brought-in straight from Italy, many made by Barilla brand, including hazelnut cookies, latte cookies, and more. You’ll also find Lavazza coffee beans for retail.

Italian Bar DC bar and Italian products for retail

Straight back in the space is a refrigerator with unique Italian drinks that are chilling — canned and in glass — including the Pellegrino sparkling cans that we’ve come to know and love, but also a non-alcoholic peach Bellini, and even a canned Lavazza latte with oat milk! We had never seen many of these unique drinks before.

A simple espresso menu is posted on the back wall at the end of the coffee bar, listing caffe espresso, latte, cappuccino, cold brew and hot brew… drinks that you may expect to sip in Italy.

Italian music playing from the speakers only added to our entire encounter with the shop. We ordered a cappuccino and pain au chocolat and stood at the bar.

Espresso & Pain au Chocolat at Italian Bar DC
Cappuccino made with Lavazza coffee at Italian Bar DC with Baci chocolate
Cappuccino made with Lavazza coffee at Italian Bar DC with Baci chocolate

The owner is incredibly nice… he was there making the coffee and chatting away with patrons. We asked if this is what it’s “really like” in Italy and he immediately lit up. Basically he expressed that coffee bars like the new “Italian Bar” in DC are characteristic of Italy. To paraphrase, he said,

‘In Italy, you stand at the bar and enjoy an espresso and chat politics, news, drama and art…and then you go about your day. And then in the afternoon you return for some more.’

Love it! We stood and appreciated a truly delicious cappuccino with the distinctive Lavazza espresso. Listening to the Italian music and soaking in the sun, our senses were heightened.

A novel event. There’s no other coffee experience like at Italian Bar in DC. Please go.

The pain au chocolat was exceptionally buttery and flaky. Another positive to bump this bar to the “stellar” category. We also know that Italian Bar serves cocktails at night. Surely those are great, too. Was this experience a time cupsoul, a moment of serenity and inspiration with coffee or chocolate? How about both?! Absolutely. Visit Italian Bar as soon as you can for a vacation to Milan or Turin, right here in Chevy Chase, DC. Be sure to check out their Instagram.

Wishing you a lovely long weekend.

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