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Blue Crab Coffee Co: Great Coffee, Great Town

St. Michael’s, Maryland, is one of those awesome and special places that feels sort of frozen in time. It’s preppy, in the best way, a-la a scene from Wedding Crashers, and is the quintessential boater town.

I’ve been going to St. Michael’s ever since I was little, but never spotted Blue Crab Coffee Co. on one of the many adorable side streets. Blue Crab Coffee feels like a beach-y place right down to the details. The shop sits proudly, almost alone, on a little back street.  You can see from the pictures that it almost like a mini house.  When my entourage entered inside, we were immediately impressed by the friendly nature of the baristas and patrons. It was early in the morning on a summer day.  St. Michael’s isn’t a bustling, crazy, town, it’s a beautiful, romantic, sleepy town, and the volume and type of people inside reflected as such.

Instantly impressed by the menu; do yourself a favor and just check it out, I pondered what to order for what felt like over five minutes… Some of my favorite drink names? Grandma’s Chocolate Snicker Cookie, Cinnabun, Nuttin but Kisses and Bourbon Pecan Torte…. Are you kidding me?! This place has some great sweet coffee creations!  What would you order?

I settled on something fairly standard, or, my go-to, iced chai with soy milk.  Though I love hot drinks for the photography, iced drinks taste perfect on hot days. There’s a seating area in the back. Windows let in warm sunlight, and we chose a little round table, surrounded by lots of coffee mugs, a painted life-preserver with “Blue Crab Coffee Co.,” and a small bookshelf.  I loved the small touches. We poured over an astrology book that we found on the bookshelf, just for fun, reading a loud what it said about our personalities based on our birth dates.  The barista called-out the coffee order from behind the bar, holding a little boy with curly locks. So cute. I grabbed some chocolate-covered espresso beans.

The chai latte was delicious, and my sister loved her vanilla latte. My drink wasn’t gritty or syrupy – very smooth and wonderful.  I think even more than the delicious taste of my chai, I loved the ambiance of Blue Crab Coffee Co.

Was this a cupsoul?

Yes. This coffee shop offers you a wonderful cup of coffee with a boating-flair that permeates from St. Michaels’ lovely charm.

Would I put Blue Crab Coffee Co.’s business card in the time cupsoul?


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