Blue Crab Coffee Co: Great Coffee, Great Town

St. Michael’s, Maryland, is one of those awesome and special places that feels sort of frozen in time. It’s preppy, in the best way, a-la a scene from Wedding Crashers, and is the quintessential boater town.

I’ve been going to St. Michael’s ever since I was little, but never spotted Blue Crab Coffee Co. on one of the many adorable side streets. Blue Crab Coffee feels like a beach-y place right down to the details. The shop sits proudly, almost alone, on a little back street.  You can see from the pictures that it almost like a mini house.  When my entourage entered inside, we were immediately impressed by the friendly nature of the baristas and patrons. It was early in the morning on a summer day.  St. Michael’s isn’t a bustling, crazy, town, it’s a beautiful, romantic, sleepy town, and the volume and type of people inside reflected as such.

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Sidamo Coffee & Tea: Aladdin & Jasmine’s Favorite Place

Sidamo Coffee & Tea, located in NoMa, is one of those elusive, cool places that you don’t really find on the “beaten path.”  Grab your magic carpet and go there, though. It’s worth it.

Marked with a large red tea kettle pouring down over the doorway, Sidamo Coffee & Tea’s sign is definitely eye-catching.  The tea kettle isn’t like Mrs. Potts’ round body from Beauty and The Beast, but rather more skinny and Middle Eastern, a la Aladdin. I bet if someone rubbed on it and made a wish, the genie might swirl out…

The entrance has large glass windows. It’s sort of long and skinny inside – something I’ve found as commonplace in the District. There are authentic burlap coffee bags decorating the floor of the coffee bar.

When I walked in, I was overcome with a distinct smell of spices. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but it subsided within a few minutes. Though Sidamo does have a food menu, I noticed it was mostly breakfast sandwiches and pound cake/pastries, not traditional Ethiopian fare. Perhaps my senses were inventing the smell for me; I really didn’t feel like I was in America anymore once I walked inside. It felt like a little slice of a Middle Eastern bazaar.

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Ebenezers Coffeehouse: A Great Nook To Study In

A few weeks ago, my lovely roommate asked me: “Hey, what’s the best local coffee shop to study in?”  She absolutely had me stumped… This was a new way to look at #timecupsoul… Given my perfectionism, I set out to find the truth for her.

No later than 11 am, and quite by accident, I found my way into Ebenezers Coffee House, and it was the answer. The mecca of a great study-friendly coffee shop. How do I know this? There were patrons studying in it.  Also, personal choice; I would study there, too.

Slightly north of Union Station, or what DC “cool people” would call “NoMa,” Ebenezers sits stoically on a neighborhood corner, and is a large space with ample seating both inside and out.  There’s a permanent and strong feeling to the coffee house. It just seems established.  Many people sat, sipping, outside on patio chairs, basking in the sunlight.  The inside, too, had both high tops, low tables, and leather chairs angled towards the windows.

There was a small line to approach the coffee bar, and I enjoyed looking at the high ceiling  and decorations around the house.  A few mugs with Ebenezers’ logo are for sale on the coffee bar, and a big sign featuring the train and brewing machine design (again, their logo) hung on the wall.

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