Ceremony Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar: Annapolis’ Best Kept Café Secret


Time Cupsoul’s Instagram already gives away a slight obsession with Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Annapolis, Maryland. Alas, Instagram posts are not enough to truly represent what this coffee bar offers: enchantment.

In time cupsoul searching adventures, what has become increasingly evident is that a coffee shop affiliated with, or wholly containing a roastery, predicts good coffee. Though not the case 100% of the time, those that fit the description tend to embody a certain dedication to coffee excellence and ambiance. Again, not a rule, but a clue.

Ceremony Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar in Annapolis does embody this dedication. I’ve frequented this location numerous times and each time am impressed with the quality of service, cleanliness, and liveliness so tangible in the space. As evident from the pictures, Ceremony’s drink selection is varied and innovative, never to leave the patron bored or disappointed with lackluster recipes.

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Crema Coffee Roasters: Best Cafe in Nashville

This past weekend, visiting Nashville was magical. More specifically, the coffee at Crema Coffee Roasters showcased coffee-making as an art. From bean to brew, to that first taste on the lips, Crema treats coffee like a jewel begging to be extracted, revealed and polished. This time, the jewel isn’t set in a ring, it’s set for awe (and photographs) inside of a coffee mug. Please, let it “sparkle” and sip it slowly to appreciate its craft.

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Watching: A Film About Coffee

Though I do not have affiliation with this film, from the moment that I heard about it, I became excited. This past week it went live online.  Stunning cinematography and a wonderful weaving of stories.  Rent or buy this journey through coffee on Vimeo; highly recommended for coffee lovers.

Ode to Cafe Noah: Once a Writer’s Secret Garden in Tel Aviv

Not far from the Habima in Tel Aviv, a little cafe called Cafe Noah used to sit, and it was just perfect. Tucked away on a little back street in a fairly quiet neighborhood, Cafe Noah calmly invited patrons inside. Even if it is no longer open, its vibe requires sharing with the world. It was one of my favorite coffee shops in TLV.

There was an indoor and outdoor seating area in the cafe, both equally special. The inside was dimly-lit with natural light that warmed bookshelf-lined walls. As you sat at a tiny table, books and trinkets surrounded and inspired you. It’s rumored that this cafe was the prime spot for Israel’s budding writers and artists. I can see why: the energy was very open and creative.

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Bayou Bakery: The Cafe that Created a Time Cupsoul Award

Memorial Day Weekend started off excellent. Completely dazed after seeing X-Men Days of Future Past, my friends and I exited the theater completely riveted and starving. Go see X-Men right now. And then, like I did, go to New Orleans. You don’t need a plane because you have Bayou Bakery.

Stepping inside of Bayou Bakery really was like walking into Louisiana. It was an instant…vacation. The decorations in this bakery and coffee shop are superb. Absolutely as if you’re in the Bayou. I hold some legitimacy here because I have been to New Orleans with my sister.

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Big Bear Cafe: The Place to Be Seen

When I walked into Big Bear Cafe this past weekend, I had high expectations; my good friend used to work there and raved about it frequently.

I found a parking spot on the immediate-most side street which put a huge smile on my face, and enjoyed the farmers market on the other street facing the cafe. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and lots of hustle and bustle surrounded Big Bear…

There’s an outdoor patio with lots of nice wooden tables, and a large interior with high ceilings. From the line and general movement inside, I could tell this place was what my mom would call, “hopping.” It was a very busy Sunday morning. Baristas were calling out the names of coffee-runners and moving quickly to keep the line moving.  The line did move fast, and I was up front before I knew it.  The barista recommended the vanilla latte. I also ordered the homemade granola and yogurt with berries to start my day. The baristas continued, hurried, but friendly. There were a lot of patrons waiting, but the bartistas at Big Bear kept it so no one would feel unanswered.

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