Crema Coffee Roasters: Best Cafe in Nashville

This past weekend, visiting Nashville was magical. More specifically, the coffee at Crema Coffee Roasters showcased coffee-making as an art. From bean to brew, to that first taste on the lips, Crema treats coffee like a jewel begging to be extracted, revealed and polished. This time, the jewel isn't set in a ring, it's set for [...]

Watching: A Film About Coffee

Though I do not have affiliation with this film, from the moment that I heard about it, I became excited. This past week it went live online.  Stunning cinematography and a wonderful weaving of stories.  Rent or buy this journey through coffee on Vimeo; highly recommended for coffee lovers.

Big Bear Cafe: The Place to Be Seen

When I walked into Big Bear Cafe this past weekend, I had high expectations; my good friend used to work there and raved about it frequently. I found a parking spot on the immediate-most side street which put a huge smile on my face, and enjoyed the farmers market on the other street facing the [...]