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Crema Coffee Roasters: Best Cafe in Nashville

This past weekend, visiting Nashville was magical. More specifically, the coffee at Crema Coffee Roasters showcased coffee-making as an art. From bean to brew, to that first taste on the lips, Crema treats coffee like a jewel begging to be extracted, revealed and polished. This time, the jewel isn’t set in a ring, it’s set for awe (and photographs) inside of a coffee mug. Please, let it “sparkle” and sip it slowly to appreciate its craft.

Time Cupsoul boasts one year of travel, but never has such a coffee experience been had. Nothing seemed wrong about the coffee bar at Crema; the attention to detail is immaculate. The overall feel of the re-purposed storage/garage space is light and airy. The walls and most details are pure white, off-setting the wooden coffee bar and other tables nicely. It feels like a breath of fresh air has blown into the cafe, except it’s the smell of roasting coffee that entices the senses and invokes that “warm” coffee shop feeling many of us love.

The line was short and moved quickly. My sister and I decided to order the Cuban coffee, made with condensed milk, and also the mocha, with chocolate made in-house. After ordering and receiving lovely customer service, we stood, waiting for our order and taking in the surroundings. Never had the acoustics of a coffee bar struck me so profoundly. Each tap of the portafilter, hissing spray of water, and gentle tap of coffee mugs on the counter, sounded like a piece of music. The typical sounds of a coffee shop blended effortlessly with the chatting patrons. Also, the coffee station at Crema is generally exposed, so it’s very easy to watch as the barista’s scale the coffee grounds, pour latte art into mugs, and also, by the front window, gently waterfall water for the pour-over method. The coffee at Crema is made with attention and a sort of reverence; though the acoustics of the space may be incredible, the manner of making the coffee adds to the perfect taps and chimes in the symphony. All in all, observing the coffee bar at Crema is like experiencing a musical with front row seats, and the acts replay every few minutes.

Once the coffees came, we were eager to taste the first sip. Would the quality equal the theatrics? Yes, the coffee was delicious. Both orders (the Cuban and mocha) are decadent.

The chocolate in the mocha almost invoked a pause; it’s so delectably subtle and smooth that it is almost missed. What is wonderful about the chocolate tasting so light is that it complements the coffee yet the coffee doesn’t overpower it. Coffee and chocolate hold hands in the Crema mocha and don’t let go until the very last sip. Often after drinking a mocha, chocolate can leave a bitter taste attributed to the quality (or darkness) of chocolate and/or the ratio of chocolate to milk. In those mochas, it can feel as if the coffee and chocolate are fighting for attention and certainly not holding hands. At Crema, the mocha is just perfect.

If you take a seat at the window bar, have a look outside at the patrons enjoying the outdoor deck. Better yet, enjoy the company that you’re with, or the sound of your thoughts as you drink, a time cupsoul.

Was this a cupsoul?

Yes. Crema Coffee Roasters provides a holistic and genuinely beautiful coffee experience.

Would I put Crema’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Yes! Crema represents characteristics of the coffee culture that Time Cupsoul admires most.

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