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Ceremony Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar: Annapolis’ Best Kept Café Secret


Time Cupsoul’s Instagram already gives away a slight obsession with Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Annapolis, Maryland. Alas, Instagram posts are not enough to truly represent what this coffee bar offers: enchantment.

In time cupsoul searching adventures, what has become increasingly evident is that a coffee shop affiliated with, or wholly containing a roastery, predicts good coffee. Though not the case 100% of the time, those that fit the description tend to embody a certain dedication to coffee excellence and ambiance. Again, not a rule, but a clue.

Ceremony Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar in Annapolis does embody this dedication. I’ve frequented this location numerous times and each time am impressed with the quality of service, cleanliness, and liveliness so tangible in the space. As evident from the pictures, Ceremony’s drink selection is varied and innovative, never to leave the patron bored or disappointed with lackluster recipes.

Reverence for coffee reverberates throughout the converted warehouse along with radical transparency; the roastery in the back is literally open for view. The roastery is a feast for the eyes and the ears. Clinking and whooshing noises complement the tiny coffee beans as they spew out like a firework from the roaster. In another room, there might be a class going on where baristas and novices alike can learn more about coffee. Basically, there’s this wonderful sense that something exciting is always going on at Ceremony. Whether it’s roasting beans, baristas inventing a new seasonal recipe, or arrival of a shipment, the patron is invited into the secret little Ceremony Coffee world. It’s as if Ceremony embraces each wandering newcomer without judgment and with VIP access to a perfect little coffee hideaway. Ceremony just seems to attract local coffee aficionados and appreciators, and if you aren’t one, well, Ceremony can help you there.


The seasonal drinks are a Time Cupsoul favorite. This month it’s 1) an apple cider espresso drink, donned with a slice of a sugar-dipped apple, or 2) “The Campfire,” which immediately transports taste buds to an outdoor fire pit with a gooey roasting marshmellow, a delicious hint of smokiness and graham crackers, all sandwiched into a delectable drink. The apple cider espresso is almost confounding; the apple peeks through every few sips with a boldness, but then the espresso steps forward during others.

During the summer, Ceremony bewitched with a coffee soda drink, the “Colada Fizz,” a creative blend of espresso, pineapple and other ingredients that was cold and bubbly. Furthermore, one of the first experiences at the espresso bar was to try Ceremony’s flat white. It was Time Cupsoul’s first ever flat white tasting. No other word than “delicious” can be used to describe it. Ceremony’s recipes and taste/quality continues to impress.

Sit on a stool at the big high-top wooden table to watch the baristas crafting coffee drinks and to get a good view of the roastery. Abundant natural light washes in from the garage door, great for reading, writing or sketching, all of which effortlessly artsy patrons partake in. Be sure to pick up some of the artisan chocolate bars on the wall to the left of the coffee bar, or a little pastry and/or bagel.

Ceremony is the site of many “firsts” in the Time Cupsoul coffee sphere, and so holds a place dear in my heart. May the love affair continue.

Was this a cupsoul?


Would I put Ceremony’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Definitely. Ceremony Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar is justly named; each time you enjoy a drink there, it unfolds like a beautiful ceremony to cherish and cling to.

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