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Espuma No. 78

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ESPUMA (noun: foam, froth)

A weekly curated collection of coffee & chocolate themed articles, items & thoughts.


Coffee & Reading the Morning Paper

HELLO FRIDAY. It’s hard to believe that next ESPUMA will be the first weekend of September! My goodness. Where has this summer gone?

Where did we get coffee this week? We made a lot of Ice Leggero Nespresso at home, actually, and it was wonderful. The Ice Leggero is a blend of coffee that shines over ice, and it really does the trick. Follow us on Instagram for some ASMR videos on that 🙂 The sound of the ice cubes swirling is mega gratifying.

Last weekend, we celebrated the wedding of a dear friend in NYC on a WHIRLWIND adventure in the city. Celebrations like weddings are one of the best things to live for. We even navigated the NYC subway with ease, thanks to our experience with the DC metro system, and our past global travel (so grateful for that). The wedding was small, religious, spiritual, casual, and the food was absolutely delicious. A true highlight of this summer 2022.

This weekend, we’re heading south to explore an American town with 2 friends. For our privacy, we won’t share too much in advance (hello creepy Instagram location update!) — but we can’t wait to share more with you soon (best coffee shops, bakeries, tips), and we promise to take lots of pictures. What are YOU up to this weekend?

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Wishing you all the best. Wishing you peace. Wishing you time cupsouls.

Quote for the Weekend

Quantum mechanics … delivers much, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the Old One (G-d/Nature). I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not play dice.”


Your Coffee Shop Lifestyle

Who is ready for autumn? *Raises hand*

A lovely classical playlist to finish the week

Some Chocolate Dessert + Reads

Happy weekend, coffee lovers! Enjoy the end of August.

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