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Espuma No. 75

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ESPUMA (noun: froth)

A weekly curated collection of coffee & chocolate themed articles, items & thoughts.


Coffee & Reading the Morning Paper

HELLO FRIDAY. This morning, we went to SOLELUNA, the Ecuadorian coffee shop in Adams Morgan and got an iced americano, one of our favorite summer drinks. It’s two shots of espresso over iced water, and it’s oh-so-refreshing in this heat. There was a big thunderstorm in the city last night, filled with lots of lightning and rain. While the thunderstorms have been appearing more severe, we are thankful that it rained for the plants, and are thankful that we were safe indoors.

Where did we get coffee this week? Besides Soleluna, we tried Brew on U! Check out our Instagram post, below, and be sure to scroll through the pictures. Highly recommend 🙂

New web design. We’re excited to share that we updated our WordPress site with a new banner to showcase our DC neighborhood coffee guides. Just navigate to the homepage after reading this post ( to see the changes! Let us know what you think in the comments!

If you’re able and enjoy our writing/posts, please support us with a coffee. It means a lot to us. Thank you!

Wishing you all the best. Wishing you peace. Wishing you time cupsouls.

Quote for the Weekend

“Never fear another challeng(er), no matter how large; never despise another challeng(er), no matter how small. Large does not always defeat little. Little can become large by constant building; large can become little by falling apart.”

Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace

Links we’re clicking:

Your Coffee Shop Lifestyle

This warm-toned, cozy photo gallery that we curated is meant as a ‘mood board’ for what is sometimes called “Indian summer,” the transition from summer into autumn. Did you know that we also love to pin on our Pinterest?

Some Chocolate Dessert

Happy weekend, coffee lovers! Stay cool.

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