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4 Wooden Coffee Tables for Those Morning Lattes in Your Living Room

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Many of us are still working from home as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. So, in an on-going effort to create a coffee shop aesthetic at home, here’s a collection of our favorite wooden coffee tables. These tables simply beg, “place your latte here”! Don’t forget a coaster for those iced cold brews 🙂

Tropical/Jungalow Coffee Table

This (CLICK FOR IMAGE) hand-crafted wooden coffee table provides that classic circular shape. Made from plywood. It’s like a very classy black mushroom.

Bohemian Exposed Wood Coffee Table

Boho Chic more your “cup of coffee”? We’re eyeing “live edge” coffee tables, like this gorgeous waterfall table, or one of these rustic wood offerings! One of these would fit perfectly in a living room with bohemian touches. Bring in the element of nature while drinking your coffee with those beautifully natural edges!

Log Cabin/Farmhouse Chic Coffee Table

Looking for shelves? This rectangular coffee table in walnut, maple or cherry provides some storage and a pretty, functional aesthetic — seems perfect for a cabin in the woods or that city living room downtown.

Wooden Space-Age Modern Coffee Table

Intrigued by Scandinavian modernism? How about Outer space? We love this uniquely-shaped coffee table or this table of 100% American black walnut hardwood; vintage 1950s NASA vibes. 3-2-1, Lift off!

Which coffee table is your favorite? Comment below! Happy summer solstice & shopping!

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