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Coffee & Reading the morning paper

Good morning, DC, and happiest of Friday’s. It’s raining here in the District, but we got our mini fridge this week (we’re still waiting on the big one to be replaced if you’ve been following this saga the past few ESPUMA’s).

The mini fridge is a tiny powerhouse and honestly, it’s made us so thankful for every working appliance that we have. Being able to keep fresh milk for our morning coffee, fresh vegetables and more, inside of a fridge, is honestly such a gift. Reminds us of the importance of gratitude; “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.” Wishing you a great day and wonderful weekend. There’s a lot of exciting coffee and chocolate news in the area this week, and we published a fresh article on the art and lifestyle of slow living in a city like Washington, DC.

[DC CHOCOLATE SHOP GOSSIP] This autumn, a “New Chocolate Shop in Georgetown Will Sell Glossy Bonbons and French Butter Cookies.” We. can’t. wait. 🙂 Name = Petite Soeur.

[DC COFFEE SHOP GOSSIP] Dolcezza switched coffee roasters! We broke the news on Instagram this week. and then updated our guide to the best Dupont Circle coffee shops accordingly. See below for the Insta post and the caption.

[DC COFFEE SHOP GOSSIP] WTOP readers and listeners nominated a number of local businesses that have coffee in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.” Do you agree with the list? We just visited coffee shop #2 last weekend.

[NEW ARTICLE: COFFEE/CHOCOLATE LIFESTYLE] How-To Find More “Slow Living,” Calm & Creativity in a City Like Washington, DC.” Our latest article with more than 10 tips for your weekend and the weeks to come.

[CHOCOLATE NEWS]People who eat some cheese, yogurt, or chocolate every day have a lower risk of heart disease, study finds.” That’s nice news! Which chocolate bar will you indulge in this weekend? There’s always good chocolate on sale.

[CHOCOLATE NEWS] Dr Pepper debuts chocolate flavored soda?! You have to join their “Pepper Perks” rewards program, but this soda sounds pretty tempting…

Quote for the weekend

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.”


your Coffee shop outfit + Coffee Shop Interior

woman holding mug
Photo by Bia Sousa on

If a picture says a thousand words, what is that girl saying with her eyes? First, we thought she was in Rome, but with the bandana, it could be any US city, or perhaps Australia. What do you think? Extra points for those sunglasses.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle/Design Inspiration =

A favorite photo from Cafe Noir (left), was taken during a trip to Tel-Aviv, Israel. We absolutely loved Cafe Noir, and wrote a review about it, here: “Café Noir//קפה נואר: Coffee For Your Classy, Romantic Side.”

Which coffee shop inspired you this week? Why?

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Some chocolate dessert

It’s still really steamy in Washington, DC, so the highlight this week is frozen desserts, as well as some good chocolate options from our favorite craft chocolate bar website.

[Recipe] Chocolate Grapes

[Recipe] Chocolate Tahini-Dipped Frozen Bananas

[Chocolate] Fruition “Brown Butter Bourbon Caramels” 68% – these caramels sounds incredible

[Chocolate] Qantu “Oh La Vache! Dark Milk” 60% – the packaging is what got us

Have a lovely weekenD, with a time cupsoul or two.

This post is not sponsored. This post contains a few affiliate links, which means that if you do click through and then buy something, you may help support an insatiable coffee and chocolate habit at no cost to you. 🙂  Any written opinions here are by time cupsoul/our own.

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