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Start Your Sunrise at Washington, DC’s Newest Coffee Roastery: The Roasted Boon Co.

The coffee is fantastic at The Roasted Boon Co., a brand new coffee shop and roastery in Shaw, DC. The roastery just opened it’s doors on July 20th and opens every day at 6 am, so if you are comfortable enough to grab takeaway during the pandemic, there is the advantage that you can arrive early and beat the crowds. (We were the only ones in the shop besides the baristas this week. Note that The Roasted Boon Co. is the only coffee shop we’re aware of that opens at 6 am in DC right now.) Plus, the cleanliness of the store seems top notch; each employee at The Roasted Boon Co. wears a mask, there is a Plexiglas pane in front of the register, and ample hand sanitizer for your use. You can also order things online, according to their store signage. As always, please trust your own judgement.

The Roasted Boon Co. Coffee Shop Interior
Image © time cupsoul. The interior of the Roasted Boon Co. roastery in Shaw, DC is decorated with a white Diedrich coffee roaster and colorful splashes and nods to the Eritrean “boon,” or coffee-making ceremony.

The coffee at the Roasted Boon Co is as we said — truly fantastic. We didn’t know what to expect of the new roastery, but the small latte that we got was honestly wonderful. An Ethiopian and Brazilian blend of beans, the espresso tasted rich, full-bodied and delicious. Having the option to get a “small” latte also added to our happiness; a latte with too much milk is never fun on a sweltering DC summer morning. The iced latte was the perfect size and had the optimal amount of ice.

The interior of the roastery is charming and airy; a white Diedrich roaster flanks the back wall, and its signed in multi-colored pens — sort of decorated by signature graffiti. Tables sprinkle the floor, 6-ish feet apart for now, and a pretty map of coffee origins decorates the other side of the house. It’s simple but colorful and bright.

Coffee Cup at the Roasted Boon Co.
Image © time cupsoul.

The interior of the place overall has good vibes. We also noticed and appreciated that the large space was cooled to a very pleasant temperature, a respite from this DC heatwave, though we didn’t spend very long inside due to COVID.

The shop offers hot and iced espresso drinks (the “classic” menu items and more) and decadent-looking pastries from Fresh Baguette (we love!). The baristas and cashier were both lovely to interact with and our visit could not have been more pleasant during these strange times. Though we normally try to make coffee at home, it was such a special treat to try this new coffee shop. If you’re looking for an escape and a way to “travel” to a coffee origin right in DC, be sure to check out The Roasted Boon Co. Map, here.

Time Cupsoul Tip: The rumor is that The Roasted Boon Co. is hiring baristas! Note that this may be for coffee and wine; wine service is expected at the roastery around September 2020 according to online news outlets like Eater DC.

Please stay safe and enjoy your slow Sunday!

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