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Chocolates Para Ti: Bolivian Milk Bar – Happily Evokes a Chocolate Milkshake

Happy summer from the bellows of Washington, DC where the mosquitoes have started to buzz around all of us and the fireflies are officially out. It’s been quite a wet and stormy spring here and we’re so excited for June.

Lately, we haven’t stopped enjoying glorious sunsets beyond the national monument, sight-seeing and shopping in the city… and of course, nibbling on chocolate galore.

The most recent bit of chocolate that we picked up to try is the Chocolates Para Ti Single Origin Sucre Bolivia – Laguna Blanca. Uyuni. We grabbed this bar at the infamous Chocolate House DC, who we know and love and frequent often for their chocolate selection and location.

It’s been quite a while since we got a milk chocolate bar and we picked this one up for a party because not everyone likes dark chocolate. (For us, that’s hard to believe, but regardless, we bought it!)

This chocolate is rather decadent. The snap is on the softer side, and all in all, this bar is definitely a “milk chocolate dessert” experience. The first ingredient is dry whole milk, so we shouldn’t be surprised. The second ingredient is cocoa butter, and the third is sugar. These ingredients immediately tell us that this bar leads with milk and not with cocoa itself.

We think that this bar is for someone that enjoys decadent chocolate that’s very milky sweet and creamy. After eating so many dark chocolate bars, we are surprised by the denseness of this bar in terms of mouthfeel and also milk flavor. It’s thick in texture and also milky — imagine drinking a glass of whole milk and adding a dash of cocoa and you can empathize.

If you let this bar melt on your tongue, expect a delectable unfolding of dairy and sweet caramel that flows gently over the taste buds.


We’re hesitant to award this chocolate experience a time cupsoul, but we deeply feel that it makes us smile and think of the best parts of childhood and eating chocolate as a kid. It’s a fun-loving bar with little stress. Furthermore, we love that this bar is Bolivian and that it’s a first for us to try Bolivian chocolate! The bar’s packaging also makes us imagine the country’s beautiful landscape for a moment, which also is nice.

Basically, eating this bar is like drinking a fresh, frothy milk chocolate milkshake. It is sweet and satisfying and great, but it leaves you thirsty for some water. 

To conclude, this Para Ti Chocolates bar is delicious if this is the style and type of chocolate experience that you’re in the mood for! We recommend it if you are hankering for the essence of a milk chocolate milkshake.

Enjoy! Until soon! 

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