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Breaking News: New Holiday Chocolate Bar from Harper Macaw, DC

DC chocolate lovers, you heard it here first! “Winter’s Cheer” is now on sale. Read the flavor below.

Friends at Harper Macaw just shared that they have a new holiday chocolate bar coming extremely soon! Here’s what Time Cupsoul knows for sure:

  1. Dark chocolate
  2. Peppermint
  3. Freeze-dried cranberries
  4. Pop rocks

Yes, please! What a dynamic combination of textures and flavors. The name hasn’t been revealed yet, but Harper Macaw social media this morning captioned an image: “Peppermint and Pop”! *Update*: the name is “Winter’s Cheer” and it can now be found at  @dcbrau #madeindc marketplace, the @thewharfdc Harper Macaw shop, and @chochousedc!

Time Cupsoul expects to know more tomorrow — join us and watch Harper Macaw’s social channels for the bars’ chocolate molding picture on Friday, 11/17! 🙂

We loved Harper Macaw’s “Fall Spice” Bar and can’t wait to taste this holiday bar. Stay tuned for more breaking DC chocolate news from Time Cupsoul!


*Image copyright by Jim Lukach entitled “holidays….” from Flickr. Gold text bar added.

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