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La Naya Chocolate: Delicious Experience for Taste-buds and Thoughts Alike

Recently, on our Instagram, Time Cupsoul tagged/conversed with the maker of the La Naya Chocolate‘s beautiful chocolate bar molding. It goes without question that La Naya’s chocolate bars have the most distinct and beautiful chocolate bar shape/mold in the current market. Reminiscent of geodes or a cut jewel, this bar’s shape is unforgettable.

La Naya Chocolate
La Naya Chocolate Raspberries & Pineapple Dark Chocolate 65% Cacao

Time Cupsoul picked up La Naya at the DC Chocolate Festival, and similar to the Magia Piura bar, this was Lithuanian brand, La Naya Chocolate’s, first formal experience/show in the United States. Exciting! The bar even survived the sweltering DC heat the day of the festival – upper 90’s.

After admiring the shape of the bar, the first few bites ensued. Yummy.

On the chocolate tasting wheel:

  1. [Dominant] Chocolate: deep/dark chocolate, wet brownie Cocoa Pod
  2.  [Semi-dominant] Red berry: (strawberries) Berries
  3. [Subtle] Brown Fruit: raisins or figs figs.JPG
  4. [More subtle] Nutty: walnut walnut

The packaging of the bar is pretty; sketches of nature scenes assorted by flavor with icons for: organic, handmade, percentage of cacao and gluten-free. The tagline of La Naya is “bean to emotion,” a philosophical approach to cacao that Time Cupsoul can resonate with. The backside of the La Naya Chocolate packaging explains,

“There are many experts around the globe who look after chocolate production from bean-to-bar. La Naya takes a step towards the future by applying the newest chocolate alchemy technology – we are the first ones in the world to learn how to emotify chocolate and create a flavor that brings out emotions. BEAN-TO-EMOTION. Emotional structure: apocalypse, raspberries, pineapple, dead mountains, eternal flame.”

What do dead mountains taste like? The apocolypse…? Is the La Naya bean-to-emotion concept losing us, here?

Exploring for a moment, perhaps the “eternal flame” can be picked up with the red berry notes. In rapid conclusion, if this bar emotes “the apocalypse” and “dead mountains,” let Time Cupsoul tell you, it’s a breathtaking landscape, ripe for fresh growth and eternal flame. This bar is a delicious experience for taste-buds and thoughts alike, a time cupsoul.

*Please note that all chocolate bars consumed and reviewed are randomly chosen and purchased with personal funds. This post is not sponsored.

THANKS TO: “CRANBERRIES” ICON BY Artem Kovyazin, “FIG” ICON BY Arianna Sbaffi, “Walnut” icon by Tomas Knopp, “COCOA POD” ICON BY Icon 54, ALL FROM THE NOUN PROJECT.


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