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Magia Piura Peruvian ‘White Bean’ Cacao

The 2017 DC Chocolate Festival was a wonderful experience today! Hundreds of attendees came out to meet local chocolatiers/chocolate makers and to sample decadent craft chocolate and bean to bar creations. Time Cupsoul collected a large goodie bag of various unique chocolates which will be revealed very shortly via in-depth analysis. Which chocolate bar to devour first? White bean cacao!

The Magia Piura brand attracted Time Cupsouls’ attention at the DC Chocolate Festival for a couple of reasons: 1) the branding has a celestial and tarot card/mystical element which makes it intriguing 2) the chocolate maker explained how some of the bars are made with white bean cacao, a special variety of cocoa and 3) this was the brand’s first USA tour.

Peruvian white bean cacao is extremely unique. It’s pure Nacional variety (of Forastero), which is rare and yields an “intense” chocolate “with a floral aroma and a persistent mellow richness. Its lack of bitterness is remarkable,” according to this NY Times article (which explains more).

The shape of the chocolate bar is special; it’s a cocoa tree leaf molding. The snap was good, though a bit soft. Time Cupsoul bit into the 72% Piura – Peru bar con mango ciruelo, a type of Peruvian plum. The bar has a slightly gritty mouth feel, somewhat akin to the experience with the Taza chocolate bars, yet less pronounced. Perhaps it has to do with the chocolate making process that Magia uses – could be the tempering or a more traditional grinding method.

The chocolate tasting notes in the 72% Magia Piura bar are incredible. Fruity and bright like no other chocolate Time Cupsoul has tasted. It’s deliciously tangy and fresh, like biting into a succulent fruit. Perhaps that’s the mango ciruelo and/or the white beans. Whatever it is, this bar is addictive. Do yourself a favor and try Magia Piura; the chocolate lives up to its name – magic. The overall experience was a true time cupsoul.

On the chocolate tasting wheel:

  1. [Dominant] Red berry: cherry, raspberry, grapey and wineyBerries
  2. [Subtle] Floral: honeysuckle, hibiscus, rose Floral
  3. [More subtle] Chocolate: baked brownie Cocoa Pod

*Please note that all chocolate bars consumed and reviewed are randomly chosen and purchased with personal funds. This bar was $6 at the DC Chocolate Festival. 

Thanks to: “Cranberries” icon by Artem Kovyazin, “Floral Pattern” icon by Royyan Wijaya and “Cocoa Pod” icon by icon 54, all from The Noun Project.

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