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American Chocolate Bar #2: [Nathan Miller]


In Time Cupsoul’s most recent chocolate bar review (found here), tasting of an East Coast bar was promised next… The lucky winner: Nathan Miller Chocolate.

Nathan Miller Chocolate received a recent nod of approval from this New York Times (NYT) article listing the best tasting bean-to-bar chocolate from the United States. The Nathan Miller bar chosen for the NYT article was the 72 percent Peru. Ceremony Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar (Time Cupsoul review here) provided another vintage: Nathan Miller Pretzel & Cherry.

Nathan Miller Chocolate, handcrafted in Pennsylvania, with each bar hand-wrapped by the team, came highly recommended. As I held the bar in my hands, something about it requested gentle handling. Firstly, the packaging of the bar is a soft paper lined with a thin and shiny blue piece of aluminum foil. As I delicately unfolded the wrapping, the underside of the chocolate bar revealed itself first. The color and sheen of the chocolate looked exemplary. Beautiful dark brown and a bit glossy yet smooth. Outlines of dried cherry and pretzel pieces poked through the chocolate, a bit like Han Solo’s outline when he’s frozen in carbonite. Once turned over, the top of the bar revealed small squares for serving size, but later, it was hard to eat just one.

The first bite of the 55 percent single origin buttermilk chocolate of the Pretzel & Cherry did not disappoint. The bar itself is on the thinner side, providing a beautiful snap and also, mouth feel. The chocolate revealed both nutty and caramel notes, coupled with fruity flavors, attributed to the dried cherries. Then, a saltiness, from the pretzel or perhaps, the Himalayan pink salt, and an overall lingering finish of delicious satisfaction. Cherry, chocolate, salty pretzel perfection. This bar is special. The lingering finish truly left the element of pleasant surprise.

To chocolate tasters, this Nathan Miller bar provides ample occasion to taste, re-taste, ponder, and certainly to enjoy. This experience was truly a time cupsoul with chocolate. An escape.

The obvious craftsmanship put into this bar will happily persuade its repurchase, as well as zero hesitation to try all other Nathan Miller chocolate creations.

*Please note that all chocolate bars consumed and reviewed are randomly chosen and purchased with personal funds. This bar is approximately $7.99.

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