Most Beautiful Chocolateries/Chocolate Shops in the World

We have a vision to travel the globe and spend time in some of the most beautiful, inspiring, decadent chocolate shops. Here’s our current wanderlust wish list of 8 gorgeous global chocolateries to visit:

1. A La Mere de famille, PARIS, FRANCE


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The 6 Best Coffee & Chocolate Podcasts on Spotify

We respect that your time is precious. Our reverence for time — whether for inspiration or reflection — is literally in our name, time cupsoul. When we listen to podcasts, to love one, we set the bar extremely high. Here are our favorite chocolate and/or coffee-themed podcasts that feel more like nourishment than noise.

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Espuma No. 3


Just the cappuccino froth. For your weekend.

Quote for the weekend

Go in the direction of where your peace is coming from.

C. JoyBell C.

Coffee & THIS WEEK’S morning paper

Some chocolate dessert

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Marketing Chocolate in the COVID-19 Pandemic: 3+ Ways to Shift Your Strategy

We write this post with heavy hearts. Sitting here in Washington, DC, as with many other international capitals, we are witnessing history. Every day, masses of people flood the streets of DC to protest, marching to the White House and elsewhere. Helicopters fly, extremely close to the ground, every night before curfew starts. The sounds and sights are intense. We are in pain and we are here to listen and to learn. If you are in DC right now, there are numerous ways to support the black community. One thing you might consider is purchasing goods from local black-owned businesses, such as a dessert from delicious The Sweet Lobby, or check out one of the many online lists of businesses. Order online. And stay safe.

Yesterday, we had the fortune to attend the Chocolate Business Webinar: The State of the Industry and Next Steps, held by the Chocolate Alliance, and we want to share some key takeaways with you about how to navigate as a chocolate shop or brand during COVID-19. Held on #BlackoutTuesday, much of the discussion was focused on the United States and the unrest felt here. In many ways, the panel felt not like a lecture to the consumer, but a letter to the industry itself. The key takeaways include: focus first and foremost on human health (at office, factory and at origin), embed transparency into your business model and innovate your offerings and how you share your stories.

New craft chocolate strategy: human health, transparency, innovation

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Top 5 Frozen “Hot Chocolates” & Iced Mochas in Washington, DC

Maybe you’re out and about in the city and want something chocolate-y and refreshing. Stop at one of these amazing DC stores for either an iced or frozen chocolate-themed drink this summer. (Looking for a great hot cocoa in DC, instead? Click here for that guide!)

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Askinosie Chocolate Review & Where to Buy in DC

It happened. Time Cupsoul finally tried Askinosie Chocolate! In Washington, DC, you can buy many of the Askinosie chocolate bars at The Chocolate House on 18th Street NW. Additionally, be sure to try the “Askinosie hot chocolate” at Dolcezza Gelato‘s locations throughout the city. Cocoa pictured, here.

Askinosie‘s Dark Chocolate (70% Tanzania) + Crunchy Sugar Crystals & Vanilla Bean bar caught our attention; Askinosie partnered with “pioneering food friends” for a collection of their artisan “CollaBARation Bars,” including the ancho chile and pistachio bar with Cafe Pasqual, and a dark chocolate and coffee bean bar with Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters. This particular vanilla bean chocolate bar represents collusion with Zingerman’s Delicatessen.

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