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    Espuma No. 84

    cappuccino in ceramic mug

    Good day, Friday. This week was a whirlwind of ups and downs, that is for sure, but we are grateful to have a peaceful home and meditation to ease us through these rough and calm waters. Ceremonial cacao helps to support us through the challenges and joys of life, especially the water element; like tsunamis or crystal serene lakes, euphoria and dread both are ephemeral human experiences.

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    Espuma No. 83 – Black Friday Starts Now!

    stainless steel fork on white ceramic plate

    Coffee & Reading the Morning Paper Happy almost Thanksgiving + Black Friday, coffee lovers. How are you today? Hope all is well. There are a lot of great sales happening this week and into next for the holidays! To help you get started, we suggest our brand new Coffee + Chocolate Gift Guide for 2022! Check it out! If you want some decadent chocolate for the holidays (great gift of course!!) we recommend international shipper and online chocolate shop extraordinaire, Bar & Cocoa, and be sure to use…