Espuma No. 45

ESPUMA (noun: froth)

a weekly curated collection of

coffee & chocolate themed

articles, items & thoughts.


If you read Espuma #44, here, you’ll know that we’ve been waiting 5 weeks for a new refrigerator! Today is the sweet day — the day that the new fridge will come. Please cross your fingers that everything installs smoothly. We cannot WAIT to have a new fridge; it’s been such a process only using the freezer for all of our meals and refilling an ice box every 12 hours to try and keep vegetables or meat… not to mention milk for coffee… for 5 long weeks. We’re so thankful for our other appliances and comforts that still run, including air conditioning during this week’s scorching temps.

Thanks again to our sister who bought us a coffee during this stressful time. If you like our writing, we’d be honored and grateful if you bought us a coffee, too. Wishing you a great weekend.

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Create a Coffee Shop Aesthetic [At Home]

It’s been almost half a year in quarantine here in DC. One of our favorite things to do in the city before lock-down was to traverse the District for new coffee shops. To sit for hours in cafes. To people watch and enjoy the sounds of patrons hobnobbing over caffeine. Here’s how to virtually support some DC coffee shops right now. During COVID-19, we can all re-create a coffee shop aesthetic at home.

During quarantine, how can you create your favorite coffee shop aesthetic at home?

Start with your coffee and brew method

  • A great cup of coffee begins with great coffee beans, the perfect grind, clean filtered water, and a solid brew method of your choice. Practice perfecting each step in this process to make a delicious cup of coffee worthy of your favorite cafe.

Add in cozy, hygge elements to the scene

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