Top 5 Frozen “Hot Chocolates” & Iced Mochas in Washington, DC

Maybe you’re out and about in the city and want something chocolate-y and refreshing. Stop at one of these amazing DC stores for either an iced or frozen chocolate-themed drink this summer. (Looking for a great hot cocoa in DC, instead? Click here for that guide!)

  1. The Chocolate House
    • Go For: Frozen Hot Chocolate
    • This is our #1 recommendation! Frozen hot chocolate at DC’s craft chocolate store in Dupont Circle (almost Adam’s Morgan) is your winning choice. Their signature frozen hot chocolate is unique to the District! It’s very cold (hi, brain freeze!), refreshing, rich and sugary. It’s basically like a wonderful cocoa milkshake for a hot summer day.
    • Visit them in the DUPONT CIRCLE NEIGHBORHOOD: 1904 18TH ST NW
  2. Buttercream Bakeshop 
    • Go For: Ice Minty Mocha
    • We’re pretty obsessed with Buttercream in general, but you simply must try their beverages! Their “ice minty mocha” that’s basically an iced hot chocolate with coffee and mint and it’s… heavenly. If you don’t want caffeine, they also offer an iced green tea beverage. We simply had to list Buttercream here, though; they’re SO good.
    • Visit them in the SHAW NEIGHBORHOOD: 1250 9TH STREET NW 
  3. Colada Shop
    • Go For: Chocolate de la Abuela, over ice
    • We live for the energetic vibes at Colada Shop. It’s a wonderful place to go and lift your spirits and to meet up with friends over a pina colada. This shop also has wonderful Cuban coffee and hot chocolate/dessert creations, like churros. If “iced hot chocolate” isn’t on the menu, the staff have been very friendly about making it for us in the past 🙂 Viva el chocolate!
    • Visit them in the U STREET/CARDOZO NEIGHBORHOOD: 1405 T ST NW
  4. Compass Coffee
  5. The Royal
    • Go For: Mint Dark Chocolate Iced Latte
    • Royal DC is one of our favorite coffee shops in DC and we frequent it for the food and the drinks. It occupies a cool corner space in the LeDroit Park neighborhood (near Shaw) and has great vibes. Definitely try their coffee or their “Open Sesame” drink, and certainly go for their Mint Dark Chocolate Iced Latte; you won’t be disappointed. And, if you’re hungry, be sure to check out their food menu. We like going in the afternoon for an arepa!

Happy sipping!

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