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K’UL Chocolate from Minnesota is a Winner


There’s something beautiful about autumn. It’s the death of the old and hibernation of thoughts. There’s time to decay and time to be reborn. It’s all done with grace and as a dance. Leaves float to the ground gently and create a blanket to hug the earth as the cold weather comes. Like a butterfly cocoon, the beauty of the process is hidden until it’s ready for soft, unfolding exposure.

Fall brings strong desire for hot chocolate and cozy blankets in front of a camp fire. Camp fires bring s’mores. What are s’mores without some delicious chocolate… Chocolate in the cold weather warms the soul.

Time Cupsoul picked up some chocolate in DC at The Chocolate House recently the K’ul Chocolate brand chocolate bar: Marañón 72% Dark Chocolate Small Batch Direct Trade from Peru. The K’ul packaging stated:

“World’s rarest cacao found along the Marañón River in Peru. Critically acclaimed for its floral and mild flavor the Fortunato White Bean is mild and unique.”

Okay, just how special and rare is this type of white bean chocolate? Read more in this NY Times article.

The packaging of the K’ul Chocolate is beautiful. It’s a dark teal green color with gold accents. There’s a big celophane window on the front, something that Time Cupsoul always enjoys; you can see the color and design/molding of the chocolate inside. This chocolate bar showcased a beautiful flower-like intricate swirling shape on each cocoa square. (See the picture above.) The Marañón 72% Dark Chocolate, with each square beautifully decorated, was a sight to behold.

Rotating in the fingers, the bar felt solid. Not too thin like a delicate bar but not hefty like a thick and more chunky bar. Totally right. The snap gave way to the perfect square, and Time Cupsoul brought the chocolate to the tongue. What an aroma! What secrets would this bar reveal?

The taste of this bar is somewhat perplexing, a theme in Time Cupsoul’s life lately. The puzzling notes of vanilla were so strong in the first nibble, yet the only two ingredients listed on that bar are: direct trade cacao beans and organic cane sugar. Impossible! How else does one describe vanilla flavor? Was it floral? Yes, then — impressive!

There was definitely some hints of jasmine coming through in this bar. One of the first times Time Cupsoul has truly called upon jasmine notes. Yet, no other major flavors fit; this bar isn’t tart or citrus-y, it’s smooth. There are not any nutty notes. If any chocolate notes must be identified, let them be: cocoa: dry cocoa (with just a touch of deep, dark chocolate on the tasting wheel). How fascinating…

This bar is definitely one that Time Cupsoul would come back to and share; it’s very expressive, leaving room for exploration and fun, and it’s simply delicious. A 100%+ time cupsoul!

*Please note that all chocolate bars consumed and reviewed by Time Cupsoul are randomly chosen and purchased with personal funds. This bar is approximately $9.99. 

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