Monday Melt

Monday Melt: Inspiring Chocolate Poster – Cuneesi al Rhum

Specialita ‘Cuneesi Al Rhum’ Arione, chocolate ad, Cuneo Province in Piedmont, Italy, circa 1920’s+

Cuneesi al Rhum is a chocolate-coated meringue with a rum creme custard inside heralding from the Cueno province of Piedmont, Italy. The “Cuneesi al Rhum” is branded by Arione, though other chocolate-makers mimic the recipe under other names.

There are varying legends on how the decadent bonbon first came to be.  Some say it was by Andrea and Rosa Arione in 1923. Others suggest that in ~1900, Pietro Gallettibotched a batch of meringues” covering them in rum and chocolate to create the cuneesi. Now, you can also buy cuneesi’s with other fillings, but the cuneesi al rhum by Arione is an Italian staple.

Time Cupsoul wishes to try one soon! Have you?

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