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Top Craft + Fine Chocolate Advent Calendars for 2019

Hi there 🙂 Are you looking for 2020 advent calendars? Please click here for 2020 calendars!

This 2019 holiday season, we found the absolute best and most beautiful advent calendars by top chocolatiers of fine and craft chocolate around the globe. What’s a chocolate advent calendar? Generally, it’s a container with tiny compartments and paper doors hiding chocolates, and it begins Dec 1st to count down the 24 days before Christmas — you open one compartment a day to reveal a chocolate morsel, truffle, bar, etc. It’s almost December, and there’s still a few hours left to go shopping to get an advent!

In our list, there are 20 advent calendars in all, in various shapes, designs and sizes from makers like Vosges Haut Chocolate, Zotter Chocolates, Hotel du Chocolat, Chocolat Alain Ducasse, Montezuma’s, Neuhaus Chocolates, Coco, Jacek, Dandelion Chocolate, and more, and includes a new 8-day Hanukkah candy advent calendar by Sugarfina.

Click on the image above to view our collection of these fine chocolate advent calendars, or click here. The links are not affiliate links. Happy holidays! 


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