What 2015 Taught Time Cupsoul

The year 2015 was filled with so many wonderful travels and coffee adventures for Time Cupsoul. Perusing the year’s statistics sparks joy, humility and appreciation.

Wishing you a 2016 of inspiring time cupsoul’s and much more chocolate and exploration for us all 🙂

Thank you for joining in! Cheers!

The top-viewing countries reading Time Cupsoul in 2015:

67 different countries visited Time Cupsoul more than 2300 times in the year 2015!

Most visitors came from The United States (881). Israel (796) & Brazil (216) were not far behind. Thank you also to loyal visitors from Serbia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal, the UK, Spain, India, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina… and to all of the other wonderful visitors! Your views and comments are deeply appreciated 

These are the posts that got the most views on Time Cupsoul in 2015:

1 Nahat Cafe: Energizing Vibes in TLV 

2 Da Da & Da: French Lover’s Heaven in Tel Aviv 

3 La Mano Coffee Bar: Fix Your Karma 

4 Blue Crab Coffee Co: Great Coffee, Great Town 

5 Café Noir: Coffee For Your Classy, Romantic Side  March 2015

Top Referring Sites in 2015:

Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest

The top nine Instagram posts in 2015 (#2015topnine):

Time Cupsoul’s most viewed Instagram posts in order of “likes” from the upper left box to the bottom right, including: Artifact Coffee in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Ceremony Coffee in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, Bucke Cafe in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Fattoush Cafe in Haifa, Israel, Baker’s Shenkin in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and Bundle Cafe in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Happiest New Year 2016 from Time Cupsoul! Until soon!

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