Ten Observations from the Land of Juan Valdez: Bogota, Colombia

Greetings from sunny Bogotá, Colombia. Time Cupsoul is pleased to report to finally be in coffee country! It’s so great to be here.

Exploring around Bogotá today, here are first day observations:
1) The city is huge – it can take 40 minutes to taxi between the city center and the Candelaria, or historic district. Candelaria is gorgeous; the architecture is stunning. It’s like a scene from a Gabriel Garcia Márquez novel
2) This is definitely a business formal town; many people wear suits
3) Mondongo and arepas are amazing. Love the food so far
4) Alpacas sit and walk in front of the parliament, on leash to attract tourists. They are precious!
5) The unofficial motto of the city is “tranquilo, todo bien” 🙂
6) Traffic is horrible everywhere in the city
7) The city features many active military
8) In looks, Bogotá reminds me of a cross between Buenos Aires and Quito
9) The graffiti is insane! I can’t wait to snap some pics and share
10) The coffee definitely lives up to its rep…More on this later!



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Folklore Coffee & Co.: Musings from Hershey

Ah, Pennsylvania, USA, the lovely location for chocolate, happiness and sunshine. It’s not just the dairy state, people, it has “Chocolate Town,” USA!

I was in Chocolate Town a few weeks back for business, and knew immediately that there would be some amazing desserts to try. Not just desserts, but the chocolate specifically, and also the coffee. With big cows moo-ing all around the PA pastures, I figured the cafe-au-lait would be a delicious choice; PA is known for its milk.  I love my coffee with milk, as you can tell from past reviews. Rare do I take it black.

After some meticulous research on coffee shops close to my hotel, I settled upon Folklore Coffee & Co.. They’re technically in Elizabethtown, but it’s not far from downtown Hershey.  Part of the reason I ultimately chose them? The…

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Blue Crab Coffee Co: Great Coffee, Great Town

St. Michael’s, Maryland, is one of those awesome and special places that feels sort of frozen in time. It’s preppy, in the best way, a-la a scene from Wedding Crashers, and is the quintessential boater town.

I’ve been going to St. Michael’s ever since I was little, but never spotted Blue Crab Coffee Co. on one of the many adorable side streets. Blue Crab Coffee feels like a beach-y place right down to the details. The shop sits proudly, almost alone, on a little back street.  You can see from the pictures that it almost like a mini house.  When my entourage entered inside, we were immediately impressed by the friendly nature of the baristas and patrons. It was early in the morning on a summer day.  St. Michael’s isn’t a bustling, crazy, town, it’s a beautiful, romantic, sleepy town, and the volume and type of people inside reflected as such.

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St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub: Filled With Fluffy Clouds


St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub in Alexandria was the perfect Saturday morning wake-up.  Situated on a street corner in old-town Del Ray, the design and feel of the exterior and interior made this pub a very memorable place for a latte.

Bright blue paint, cloud-shaped art hanging from the windows, and a patio filled with smiling families and dogs, lured me inside of this coffee pub.  After finding the name online — it’s listed as one of the 10 best coffee shops in the area by quick Google search, and…a short 25 minute drive from DC, I knew I needed to give it a shot. Parking was easily found on the side streets, and I happily entered inside into the long line of people waiting for their morning joe.  The line didn’t take long and colorful Easter cookies and pastries filling St. Elmos’ large pastry case under the coffee bar tempted me. The overall inside of the place had abundant natural light, and high ceilings. This wasn’t your typical crowded, small, dimly-lit coffee shop. Think: family-friendly, bright, spacious, and unique. The jungle themed paintings near the coffee machines made me smile.

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