Ruby Chocolate: The First Taste Test…!

It’s here. Ruby chocolate. Time Cupsoul was gifted a bar from family that traveled to the EU. The Fortnum & Mason bar, “Ruby Chocolate,” was now in hand.

The packaging states, “Made by secret natural chocolate alchemy, Ruby is Milk, White and Dark chocolate’s delicious newfound sibling. Intense berry fruit, gloriously tart, subtly sour-sweet. 47% cocoa solids.”

Time Cupsoul could not wait. Was the historical chocolate bar just moments from the lips?

The bar was enthusiastically unwrapped to unveil a gorgeous rose hue, and small chocolate squares at the ready. It even smelled somewhat floral, yes, again like roses. Time for the first taste

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The New “Ruby Chocolate”: What Is Ruby Chocolate? Is Ruby Cocoa Real?

Ruby chocolate
Ruby chocolate, photo courtesy of Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut annouced Tuesday that they have created a new type of chocolate to sit alongside the classic white, milk and dark varieties: ruby chocolate.

This is arguably the biggest chocolate/cocoa news in a decade, if not in 80 years, when white chocolate was announced. 

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