Espuma No. 44

ESPUMA (noun: froth)

a weekly curated collection of

coffee & chocolate themed

articles, items & thoughts.


This past week was quite stressful — our fridge has been broken for almost 3 weeks (and we’re still waiting on the repair man), work doesn’t seem to slow down (but we’re so thankful to have a job), we’re planning an in-person/virtual bridal shower, and the general “overwhelm” just doesn’t seem to subside. We always enjoy our daily time cupsoul’s, those special quiet moments with coffee and chocolate that inject some calm. Since I don’t have access to cold milk this week, my sister wired me $5 to get a coffee. It was a small and beautiful gesture. If you can, I want to encourage you to buy someone a coffee this weekend; you will certainly change their day! No COVID pun intended, “spread” some kindness 🙂 Side effects probably include smiling. Please do pick someone from your family or friends to buy a coffee for, but if you like our writing, we’d be honored and grateful if you bought us a coffee, too!

Coffee & Reading the morning paper

  • [Chocolate Deal] We learned that Zotter Chocolates USA just launched their new website and you can get 10% off everything for a limited time using the code newsite2021.
  • [DC Cupcake Deal] Order cupcakes online from Georgetown Cupcake by midnight and use the code AUG2021 for 20% off!
  • [Coffee Article] 25 Coffee Shops to Visit Before You Die – A global tour of the world’s most interesting cafés
  • [Trending] Harry Potter chocolate frogs! “Feeling hungry for more Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery updates? Say no more. The mobile game’s latest challenge is all about the wizarding confectionary Chocolate Frogs, inviting players to complete existing in-game tasks to collect Chocolate Frog cards. Just like in the books and films, Chocolate Frog cards will feature different esteemed wizards, such as Albus Dumbledore and Garrick Ollivander. New cards will be added over time to each new seasonal Chocolate Frogs event – so watch out for more to collect.”
  • [Chocolate Holiday] Did you celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day this week? July 28th is still close enough… why not buy yourself a treat this weekend? We love Vosges’s creations. Perhaps start with these milk chocolate truffles from Exotic, Aztec, Italian and Groove collections?

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