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Omnom Chocolate Reykjavík Raises the Holiday Chocolate “Bar”

A year ago in October, we were in Paris and it was absolute magic. It was a last minute decision. A purely incredible deal on Iceland Air. (Note that if you’re willing to stop-over in Reykjavík while en-route to another destination, airfare can be a bargain, and you can even extend your trip, apparently with zero penalty.) Don’t get us started on how magical Paris was, but this post is about a different landscape — a frozen dusk with quiet, twinkling stars, warm, crackling firelight, snow falling — a comforting yet invigorating experience that you can find just by tasting a chocolate bar by Icelandic brand: Omnom Chocolate.

village in valley with snowy mountains in sunny winter day
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When we flew into Reykjavík, the scene was simply gorgeous. It was angelic white. White as far as the eye could see from the airplane window, and then soft watercolors. Cool purples and a dazzling light pink, accented with muted grey-blue. Sky and landscape blended together, and everything looked gentle — asleep. Nothing stuck out in the distance. No buildings, no houses, no landmarks, just flat and softly rolling landscape. Rocks. Extra terrestrial. Tranquil. Our eyes drunk in calming colors and the sheer vastness of winter. It was the pure definition of serene. If not for the hum of the plane, we’re sure that the landscape would have remained unadulterated by noise other than drifting snow and scurrying forest creatures. Though we had a short layover, the short time spent in Iceland left a profound impression on us and we’re hoping to go back to visit and tour the natural wonders.

We didn’t actually buy Omnom chocolate while in Iceland. We instead tasted the famous Icelandic skyr yogurt, which was delicious. No, we found Omnom at our favorite tiny chocolate shop in DC: The Chocolate House. But we had heard of Omnom; we already knew that we wanted their limited edition seasonal bar(s) 🙂

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What Omnom has done with the branding of their holiday bars is nothing short of exceptional. You get the magic of Iceland with the design — the colors, the aurora borealis, the snow…. and then you envelop your senses in the familiar — the spices and flavors of the holiday season via 3 bars. 1) Raspberries (“Omnom dark nibs and raspberry”), 2) white chocolate (“Omnom spiced white and caramel”) and 3) milk chocolate (“Omnom milk and cookies”). When you stack the bars in a certain way, it creates a picture. White chocolate is the base, or the snow, the milk chocolate is the middle or the skyline with a polar bear looking to the sky, and the top, or the sky, is the dark chocolate bar — the packaging is speckled with Omnom-branded constellations sparkling in the darkness. How could we pick just one? Alas, milk and cookies grabbed our hearts and we made a purchase.

The Omnom “milk and cookies” bar, or, what we know to be Santa’s favorite offering when he delivers toys around the globe, sounded decadent. We saw a picture on Instagram of this bar where the butter cookies were entirely intact. Patrons open the milk & cookies packaging to reveal two large cookies per one chocolate bar. When we unfolded the bar’s wrapping, we were happy to see that this was indeed the case.

Omnom Chocolate
Omnom Chocolate Milk & Cookies Bar Packaging

After taking some pictures of the package — what we consider a true collectors item in the specialty chocolate bar world (!) — the bar’s snap was good, with the cookies a bit softer at the crack. Yet those cookies crumbled deliciously onto the taste buds. It was like nibbling on Christmas morning when tasting this bar for the first time. Something in the butter cookie also had a bit of ginger flavor at the finish, which only adding to the holiday cheer.

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We loved the entire experience of Omnom’s milk & cookies bar, from admiring the packaging, to the flavor of the bar itself.  Good thing we didn’t get the other two Omnom bars in this series; they would be eaten already! We’re sure that one of these bars would be a great holiday gift for your family or for you. If you can’t already tell, enjoying this bar was a time cupsoul.

We wish you a very happy holiday season, filled with magical memories, cozy homes and lots of inspiring chocolate. Happy holidays!

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