Monday Melt Inspiring Chocolate Poster! Cailler Chocolat au Lait

We loved the autumn colors of this Cailler poster. The figure appears to be holding a Cailler bar of chocolate and a purse or bag in one hand, and a hunk of chocolate in the other. With her hat and coat, and the orange colors, we think it’s an autumn scene.

Cailler Chocolat au Lait

Zurich, year unknown

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[New Poster Series: “Origin Travel” During COVID-19] Monday Melt!

Monday Melt’s often include inspiring chocolate posters, but during theses strange times of physical distancing, we’ll be posting vintage posters every Monday for the next 8 weeks to help us “travel the world,” and remain hopeful that we will venture again. In this poster’s case, today we’re “traveling,” safely from our homes, to Brazil.

Which origin are you enjoying right now? Comment below and we’ll find a poster for next week. Take care.

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