La Colombe: The Platform 9 3/4 Experience


To begin, this particular DC La Colombe coffee shop is in an alley. A legitimate alley, okay? It’s on their address. Blagden Alley.  When Time Cupsoul first read the address, we thought of Harry Potter.

Finding the alley made us feel like part of some secret club, or as if we finally had received a letter to Hogwarts and were now finding Platform 9 3/4. Once you know where La Colombe is, you definitely have your ticket on Hogwarts Express…

First drinking coffee at La Colombe’s location in Philadelphia, Time Cupsoul had extremely high expectations for DC’s newest coffee shop. In Philly, La Colombe sits right on the Rittenhouse Square, buttressing the city hall. The open space and wooden tables were so gorgeous, La Colombe at Rittenhouse Square stayed in our minds for years. Though we don’t currently have pictures of that location, the wooden interior design was superb. That coffee shop is basically why Time Cupsoul fell in love with coffee shops all over again after living in Argentina.

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