Big Bear Cafe: The Place to Be Seen

When I walked into Big Bear Cafe this past weekend, I had high expectations; my good friend used to work there and raved about it frequently.

I found a parking spot on the immediate-most side street which put a huge smile on my face, and enjoyed the farmers market on the other street facing the cafe. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and lots of hustle and bustle surrounded Big Bear…

There’s an outdoor patio with lots of nice wooden tables, and a large interior with high ceilings. From the line and general movement inside, I could tell this place was what my mom would call, “hopping.” It was a very busy Sunday morning. Baristas were calling out the names of coffee-runners and moving quickly to keep the line moving.  The line did move fast, and I was up front before I knew it.  The barista recommended the vanilla latte. I also ordered the homemade granola and yogurt with berries to start my day. The baristas continued, hurried, but friendly. There were a lot of patrons waiting, but the bartistas at Big Bear kept it so no one would feel unanswered.

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