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Please find some of our favorite fine and craft chocolate brands and/or coffee items and accessories, below. These sellers have international shipping.

  • Mirzam Dark Chocolate Dates & Fennel 62%
  • Description:Using locally grown dates from the Liwa oasis in the UAE, together with freshly ground fennel, we create a paste which is used to fill a delicate chocolate bar shell.This adventure through the world of flavor will reveal a combination you never expected,
  • Labooko Zotter Coffee Chocolate
  • Description:Maker Notes Homemade: Zotter's own coffee blend, made from Mexican and Colombian Arabica coffee beans and a touch of robusta coffee from India, is roasted freshly ground in the manufacture, before melting with a white chocolate into a fragrant chocolate b
  • Castronovo Chocolate Honey
  • Description:In collaboration with Stuart's bee keepers from Hani Honey Company (also a Good Food Award winner), we bring you a delicious chocolate spread - chocolate honey made with 100% Tumaco Colombia chocolate and raw-creamed, local, saw palmetto honey. Use it on
  • Bar & Cocoa Chocolate Gift
  • Description:Need a gift for the adventurous chocolate lover?Choose from Dark, Milk or Anything Goes for a craft chocolate gift suited to any taste. INCLUDED: Packed in aBar & Cocoa Red Gift Boxand a blank card with your personal message.Our craft chocolate selectionw
  • Bar & Cocoa Ultimate Chocolate Wooden Gift Box (28 Bars)
  • Description:The ultimate chocolate gift in a beautiful keepsake wooden box. Each box is packed with: 28 chocolate bars from our current selection a 33 Bars of Chocolate Notebook - a journal just for chocolate acustom gift note from youWe select a variety of 28 chocol
  • Labooko Milk Chocolate Super Dark 80%
  • Description:A milk chocolate with an 80% cocoa content and 20% milk - entirely without sugar. A high-percentage milk chocolate for those who want to experience real cocoa power, unrestrained, without the distraction of sugar and therefor fewer calories and softened w
  • Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America's Craft Chocolate Revolution
  • Description:By Megan GillerFrom the Back Cover: This delectable tour of America's craft chocolate movement is the ultimate fulfillment for your chocolate obsession. Author Megan Giller traces the journey from harvesting cacao pods to transforming them into finished
  • Raaka Coconut Milk Chocolate 60%
  • Description:We grind shredded coconut with cacao for a creamy, full-bodied "milk" chocolate with velvet melt and a fruity, strawberry note on the finish. One bite and you'll find yourself sitting on a beach somewhere, with all memories of traditional milk chocolate m
  • Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate 70%
  • Description:Straight-to-the-point and brutally honest, our 70% Dark Chocolate is a proud no-nonsense heavy-hitter. Just like that dapper lolo you can rely on to dish only the bittersweet truth with suave; this classic bar uses high-quality cacao for rich depth that f

We also love Made trade for ethically-sourced coffee mugs, jars, trays -- anything for a well plated home.

Made Trade

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