Magia Piura Peruvian ‘White Bean’ Cacao

The Magia Piura brand attracted Time Cupsouls’ attention for a couple of reasons: 1) the branding has a celestial and tarot card/mystical element which makes it intriguing 2) the chocolate maker explained how some of the bars use white cacao, a special variety of cocoa and 3) this was the brand’s first USA tour.

An Italian Love Affair: Amedei Chocolate

Time Cupsoul was wandering around Georgetown, Washington, DC, recently, and happened upon Dean & DeLuca, a phenomenal grocery store with a fantastic selection of unique goods, including: fine craft chocolate. The chocolate bar offerings were seemingly endless at the store and even provided choices special to the DC area. How to choose which bar to buy? Sometimes, you just have to listen to what speaks or calls to you. An Italian brand, Amedei, on the top shelf, whispered in Italian. Andiamo.

Jean Philippe Pâtisserie: Chocolate

Jean-Philippe Patisserie is a decadent pâtisserie owned by Chef Jean-Philippe Maury, a world-renowned pastry chef from France. Time Cupsoul’s dear sister picked up a chocolate bar and chocolate bon-bon at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas, and bottom line, the chocolate is lovely. First, the chocolate bar packaging revealed the deep-brown color of the bar via a large, clear cellophane “window” and also showcased the cursive “Jean Philippe Pâtisserie” logo in brown and yellow. The back of the packaging stated: “‘Like jewelry or perfume. A blend, a shape, a texture. Creating candy with precision, emotion and passion. Give yourself the pleasure…

New Chocolate Podcast

It’s with great excitement that Time Cupsoul shares a new podcast solely about chocolate, entitled, “The Slow Melt,” launched today. Why is Time Cupsoul sharing this first-ever chocolate podcast?  Author and The Slow Melt podcast host, Ms. Simran Sethi, is deeply admired by Time Cupsoul for her innovative food and environmental writing. Her book, Bread, Wine and Chocolate, is a Time Cupsoul-approved, highly-recommended read for nature, chocolate and coffee lovers (yes, there’s a chapter on coffee, too, as well as bread and beer)! This podcast and Sethi’s work deserve to be shared; it’s just the right thing to do. Please slow down and…