What is Time Cupsoul ?

Everyone has time for a cup of coffee,” yet silence is the new luxury. Explore how experiencing the design and lifestyle of coffee & chocolate can nourish serenity, escape, creativity and inspiration — what we call a “time cupsoul.”

With a degree in journalism and a love for travel, Time Cupsoul began exploring and writing about Washington, DC coffee and chocolate shops after moving to the District. The incessant, undying love for the culture of coffee starts in a dimly-lit tango café in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In BsAs, cobblestone streets are decorated with small cafés. Patrons sit, sometimes for hours, sipping cortados and nibbling on coconut-rimmed alfajores and philosophize about life’s great questions. Each coffee shop has a flavor of its own and each city offers the small-town coffee-shop-flair that makes it unique. Similarly, chocolates and chocolate packaging can kindle creativity and awe. The quest of Time Cupsoul is to find and describe that special ambiance, that gorgeous design, that flavor – the inspired experience with coffee and chocolate – a “time cupsoul.”

Where should you start? Search articles/writings on various global coffee shops and musings on unique chocolate bars or chocolateries, peruse the collection of vintage chocolate posters (Monday Melts), and listen to curated videos/songs about coffee or cocoa (Tuesday Tunes). Dedicated to inspiring your journey.

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