What is Time Cupsoul ?

Exploring new cities by cafés and chocolate. Searching for experiences that inspire the soul.

With a degree in journalism and a love for travel, Time Cupsoul began exploring and writing about Washington, DC coffee and chocolate shops after moving to the District of Columbia.

This undying love for coffee starts in a dimly-lit tango café in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Time Cupsoul enjoyed cortados and coconut-rimmed alfajores in small coffee shops. It’s a coffee and chocolate culture in South America; with less big-business and corporate chains, small coffee shops and cafés flourish.

Each coffee shop has a flavor of its own and each city offers the small-town coffee-shop-flair that makes it unique. Similarly, chocolates and chocolate packaging can kindle creativity and awe. The quest of Time Cupsoul is to find and describe that special ambiance, that gorgeous design, that flavor – the experience with coffee and chocolate which culminates to an escape that feels truly inspired – a “time cupsoul.” To synthesize, Time Cupsoul: a coffee or chocolate experience that nourishes the soul.



  1. Brilliant.

  2. Love this!!! I too love coffee and will use this blog.

  3. OK….missed all the DC places…..AWESOME! Finally some place to go on a quiet work afternoon…..um, hopefully soon!

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