Top 3 Podcasts on Craft Chocolate

We respect that your time is precious; our reverence for time — whether for inspiration or reflection — is literally in our name, time cupsoul. When we listen to podcasts, to love one, we set the bar extremely high. Here are our favorite chocolate-themed podcasts that feel more like nourishment than noise:

  1. Slow Melt: A Podcast About Chocolate: We’ve written about this podcast before and are big fans of author and journalist Simran Sethi, the podcast founder and writer of the excellent book (one of our favorite books, ever), Bread, Wine and Chocolate. The podcast episodes have now ended, but the evergreen shows (online) remain top notch. We love this podcast.
  2. Chocolate on the Road: We’re newer listeners to this podcast and have enjoyed virtually traveling Southeast Asia with the podcast owner, Max, and listening to her stories. We like this podcast; it has interesting interviews.
  3. Well Tempered: This is our #1 recommendation for a chocolate podcast. If you only decide to listen to one podcast and have any interest in listening to intellectual interviews with women in chocolate about cacao, cocoa, chocolate trends and life, look no further. We truly have enjoyed more than 50% of these episodes and feel very confident recommending this show to you. We deeply love this podcast!

What’s your favorite podcast and why? We’re searching for a new food podcast or another podcast that inspires your day. Please comment below with your recommendation and we will give it a listen.

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