Monday Melt: Inspiring Chocolate Poster [Holiday Edition, Halloween]

French chocolate makers, the Menier family are known for building the first automated chocolate production facility for the industrial manufacture of chocolate, in France, 1825. Take a drone tour of the facility and read below ♥️

Chocolat Instantane, Francois-Meunier, Milano, Parigi, Italy, circa 1913

The Menier Hardware Company was founded in 1816 in Paris by Jean-Antoine Brutus Menier, the time when chocolate was mostly used for medicinal purposes: to coat pills in pharmacies.

In 1825, chocolate production began in an old wheat mill on the Marne River at Noisiel, a small village on the outskirts of Paris. The location was first used for grinding of medical powders but was renovated by 1830 to become the first mechanized mass production factory for cocoa powder in France.

This “Moulin de Noisiel” has been a historic monument since 1992, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was renovated by Nestlé France, the company that eventually acquired Menier in 1988. The factory now serves as Nestlé France’s headquarters. Click the link to watch a video of the grounds.

The renovated chocolate factory can be visited once a year in September. Many people call it the “cathedral.”

The “Moulin de Noisiel”

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