Raving About: Rise Up Coffee Roasters

Rise Up Coffee Roastery, Easton, Maryland

There are a few well-known coffee roasters located just outside of Washington, DC, in the little state called Maryland and the coffee scene is dripping strong. One of the states’ coffee staples is Rise Up Coffee Roasters, a company that relishes in its Eastern Shore, Chesapeake Bay roots with the hashtag: #WeAreMarylandCoffeeOnce you take a visit to Rise Up’s roastery, a renovated 1920’s gasoline station in Easton, it’s hard to argue with the company’s rich coffee culture.

Time Cupsoul’s first encounter with Rise Up Coffee Roasters was actually within Washington, DC, at a tiny pop-up cart right outside of Friendship Heights metro station. It was exciting to try a new iced drink from a small push cart decked out with coffee bags and a little umbrella. The iced coffee was delicious. This brief encounter with the company was positive.


After some online sleuthing, it was quickly discovered that the company, started in 2005, roasts USDA Organic and Fair Trade coffee in small batches and was just a short drive from DC.

The roastery and HQ, aka the renovated 1920’s gas station, is in Easton. Rise Up also has locations in St. Michaels, Salisbury and East College, Maryland. As always, Time Cupsoul must go to the source, so Easton was the obvious choice.

Road trip completed, the roastery’s parking lot provided ample space to secure a spot while sipping on coffee. The Rise Up menu included selections from Mad Eggs, the permanently parked food truck that serves brunch delights to hungry Rise Up patrons. The yogurt parfait, showcasing local granola, sounded delicious. A small cappuccino to go with it? Perfect.

The exterior of Rise Up’s Easton roastery

A look around revealed a well-lit foyer, decorated with Rise Up gear: mugs, shirts and bags of whole or ground coffee beans. Then, if you venture through a skinny doorway, you’re immediately inside of the roastery space, a large open area with tables and a vast stone counter that overlooks the roasters and dance of workers moving coffee sacks. The smell and whir of roasting coffee beans was overwhelming.

The atmosphere was grunge-chic; undertones of ‘gas station charm’ supplied the vibe. The neon “COFFEE” sign in the back was just another special detail. The location immediately packed a metaphorical playful punch in the arm; Rise Up has guts. It just felt solid. Rise Up would be that edgy underdog in the boxing ring, with all the desire in the world to make a name for itself and ultimately surpass the competition — with proud humility of course.

Interior of Rise Up Coffee’s HQ, overlooking the open roastery

The fruit and granola parfait arrived in generous portion. The crunchy granola, tart yogurt and sweet honey combination proved delicious.

Coffee notes were full-bodied, dark and rich. Whereas some coffee roasts are bright and citrus, this roast was chocolate and nutty, and this darker profile can broadly generalize Rise Up’s palate. “Broadly” is used because Time Cupsoul has not sampled all of their roasts. To start out your exposure to Rise Up, perhaps try their organic “House Blend.”

Next time you’re in Maryland, maybe even traveling to the beach, be sure to stop and try Rise Up!

Was this a cupsoul?


Would I put Rise Up’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Yes, Rise Up has a unique personality that adds flavor to the coffee market. The company’s spirit is a cross between biker chic, nomad and adventurous soul. Rise Up’s independent energy evokes strength, yes, but patrons are welcome to join their distinctive great-tasting, organic coffee, clan.

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