Krön Chocolatier: Best Kept Secret of Chevy Chase

Krön Chocolatier
 is a small, adorable store in Chevy Chase/Friendship Heights, in the basement of Mazza Gallerie shopping mall. This shop is situated across from TJ Maxx, and I wouldn’t have known about it if I wasn’t clothes shopping.  That’s why I call this place a secret; only people who venture downstairs in Mazza Gallerie are blessed by this tiny shop.

Krön is a family-owned business, and I had the pleasure of meeting the mother and son team when I went inside. I could tell from talking to them that the family has an immense amount of pride in their chocolate shop.

It’s a small shop with no seating, but don’t let that deter you, the chocolate is absolutely incredible. After all, seating in a chocolate shop sounds dangerous anyway; people would sit there and eat chocolate all day. Krön is just THAT good.

Krön is known for their beautiful flower boxes. The packaging is lovely and makes a gift in itself. I’m using my flower box for other items now that I’ve eaten all of the chocolate.  The chocolate shop also makes chocolate in all sorts of molds: cars, cell phones, computers, calculators… I can’t even remember them all!  I definitely also saw chocolate-dipped potato chips.  Understanding the uniqueness of this shop yet?  By the way, the chocolate molds come in dark and milk chocolate, and the assortment boxes have more varieties of chocolate.  A Krön first-timer might want to try the assortment boxes to really get a sense of the array of chocolates Krön has.

Do not miss Krön Chocolatier!

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