Baked & Wired: Adventures in Georgetown

It’s been named one of the top ten bakeries in the United States by Fodor’s Travel, and it’s easily one of the most talked about coffee shop locations in the area.  Do not miss Baked & Wired, just next to Georgetown’s historic C&O canal.

For me, Baked & Wired came backed with a lot of hype and praise; people have been telling me to go there for years. Somehow, I never got around to it. There’s something about actively avoiding…that which is so coveted. Just because everyone loves it, does not mean that I would or should. Maybe I avoided it because Georgetown isn’t that easy to access. One must take a bus or drive to get into Georgetown – there’s no metro access.

Enter Saturday morning. Sunshine streaming through my windows, spring air beckoning nature into the light.  Everyone was outside enjoying the weather. I got on a crowded bus and happily listened to my iPod to get down to M Street.

From M Street, it’s under ten minutes walking to Baked & Wired. As I approached, I saw a line of people lining the sidewalk outside, as well as people sitting at a few small cafe tables. Baked & Wired opened its doors onto the street, given the gorgeous weather. I accidentally entered into the left doorway of the shop first, not really knowing where I was going. It wasn’t a fatal error, but the coffee chop/bakery is actually split into two: the left side is the bakery and the right side is for coffee. The bakery side (left) showcased fresh cookies in clear, large cookie jars, and an entire glass case filled with cupcakes! The cupcakes sat on little pedestals with hand-drawn signs and descriptions. I had to get one of those…

Slipping into the coffee line was easy; it was shorter. Noticing the high ceilings, given the high location of the menu on the wall, I decided on an iced mocha. It didn’t take long for the barista to make it for me. The coffee folk behind the bar all appeared artsy/slightly hipster. The iced mocha came to me without a top on. A lack of top is perfect for taking birds-eye pictures to document latte art, but given that this was an iced drink, there was no need. I put the lid on, and returned to the bakery side to get in line. Time for a cupcake!

It was difficult to decide on a cupcake, or what Baked & Wired has termed “cakecups.” The frosting alone on all of them had to be the most beautiful thing I’ve seen on any baked-good, maybe ever.  Just, trust me. There were so many colors and so many different flavors!  Flap-Jack? Vanilla? Coconut? Razmanian Devil? Texas Sheetcake? Unicorn & Rainbows? The list goes on.  And the descriptions describing them were brilliant. I won’t ruin those for you.

I decided on Unicorn & Rainbows because of the little unicorn picture, teal frosting and sprinkles. It just looked so happy – I could not resist.  After I paid $4 for it, I quickly walked into the back room to sit down. The back room is two small spaces, both with couches, a tiny shelf/bar area, and little tables and chairs. The lighting was abundant, and again, due to the high ceilings, Baked & Wired feels friendly and clean. The overall feel of the architecture, like many shops in Georgetown, is “tall and skinny,” but Baked & Wired isn’t too skinny to not feel comfortable.  Despite the crowds, I was able to find a seat. I sat down to taste my mocha and unwrap my cakecup.

Allow me to begin with the iced mocha. This iced mocha goes down as one of the best mochas I’ve ever had, and I have had my fair share. I don’t know if it was the milk that they used (though I did not request unique milk), or the chocolate, but wow, it was delicious. Absolutely smooth with the perfect ratio of milk to coffee to chocolate. Delicious.

Just the cakecup’s aesthetics and name were enough for me to feel happiness. I hadn’t even tasted it, but the funfetti cake and the teal frosting looked like a game-piece from CandyLand. Finally, after staring at how cute it looked for a few minutes, I politely took a little piece with a fork and gave it a first taste. Perfection. The cake was not dry, and the icing was everything I had hoped for. I’m sure that all of the other flavors would be equally as delicious and unique. The street artist strumming “Here Comes the Sun” on his guitar right outside the doorway was that extra touch that completed the whole experience.

Was this a cupsoul?

I’m not sure I would call it a cupsoul per se because I didn’t get lost in my own thoughts, but the mocha and Unicorns & Rainbows cakecup put me into a sugared daze of happiness.

Would I put Baked & Wired’s business card in the time cupsoul?

Yes. Not only was the iced mocha heavenly, but the cakecups and other baked treats would satisfy the grumpiest of cats.

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